Cheers to another trip around the sun!

We sure went through heck and back huh? As a community we were faced with many challenges but I feel as Vancouverites we did a pretty good job. Was it hard? Yes indeed! Did we all pull together? Yes indeed.

Covid Plan

Following the Provincial Health Office’s guidelines provided by WorkSafeBC, we at Kalon Cosmetx have taken the necessary precautions to ensure safety for all guests and staff. Once an appointment has been made to visit the clinic you will receive a confirmation email of your services booked and will also include an online Medical Esthetics Intake…
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Gua Sha Face Stone

Fire and Ice, ice baby…

Contrast therapy, also known as hot/cold immersion therapy.  This technique is used to detoxify and replenish the body.  Warming of the tissues causes vasodilation of the blood vessels and then introducing cold will cause vasoconstriction of the vessels.  This action results in a “pumping” of the stagnant fluid out of the area, a process called…
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To wash or not to wash my face? That is the question.

By cleansing at dawn’s first light…who am I kidding, it’s more like after you’ve pressed the snooze button for the 5th time!!  Cleansing in the morning is important because you’ve had all night to rest and restore your skin in your sleep.  The application of overnight products gets the anti-aging work done for you. It’s…
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The What, When, Why and Where of Skincare.

What are some common misconceptions about skincare?  It’s so important to not only treat your skin with home care products but it’s important to know why you’re doing it. Too often people are spending money and time on skincare and not really understanding why their skin needs it. Here are the W’s of Skincare, “What…
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Kalon Cosmetx

Welcome to Kalon Cosmetx

Medical facials meets day spa feels = Kalon Cosmetx.