Welcome to Kalon Cosmetx

I’ve always wanted a space I could call my own.  Somewhere I could treat the way I wanted to.  My love for Esthetics began many moons ago when I was asked or rather voluntold by my big sis to give a cousin a scalp massage.  She was complaining about a headache and it was our usual family Friday, where the cousins would get together and play with our little nieces and nephew and gab about how annoying our Chinese parents are.  So I used my magical hands to play with her hair.  I’ll tell you, there was a definite sense of pride for me when I could see her brows begin to unfurrow and her eyes began to close and enter her zen.  There’s nothing like getting your scalp rubbed by your hairdresser right?!  So as I was performing my Super Susie Scalp massage on her, my cousin calls out and says, “you should do this for a living”.  So, I did!  I kissed my $100 reg fee for SFU good bye and decided to go and “do it for a living”.  Well first I had to convince my parents I was making the right choice and that the beauty industry is ever growing and how I’d like to be a part of that.  I’ve always been blessed with my parents always having my back when it came to life decisions.  So within a few days, I booked myself a tour at the local beauty school and fast forward to 18 years into the future and here we are.

It was my want for something of my own, to create a place for guests to feel pampered, listened to and special.  Having worked in both fields of the Esthetics industry, I felt that  Medical Cosmetic treatments didn’t need to be all cold and clinical feeling and that a classic facial wasn’t just about steam and massages.  By fusing the two ideologies I have created a clinical treatment that involved education, experience and knowledge with my little added touches of bliss.  It’s the little things that make the experience so memorable.  Come on, don’t tell me you don’t secretly stuff the little hotel pillow sprays in your bag.  I DO!!  When I was just starting out I was on the phone with a vendor ordering water bottles for my little shop to hand out to guests and he called me “Smallgantic”.  I loved it, that I am a tiny little one woman show but I am qualified and experienced enough to to play with the big box companies.

Susie Santos, ME
Susie Santos, ME

The name Kalon came when I was pinning my inspiration board on Pinterest and came across the word by accident I loved the way it sounded, the way it looked in print and it instantly encompassed the way I saw self care and skin care.  So I took those aspects of it and added them to the results driven medical side of Esthetics.  Medical facials meets day spa feels = Kalon Cosmetx.  To me, Kalon Cosmetx is a place of resource for others and a home for my business.  I wanted to create content, experiences and relationships that are genuine.  I am a huge believer of things happening for a reason, that all things have meaning and that things, events in life symbolize something.  I wanted to create a mantra that reflects me, my idea of skincare, self care and my love for taking care of others.  It is something I take a lot of pride in and it is truly important to me that I live my life with good intentions and integrity.

My job here at Kalon Cosmetx is to provide services that are right for you, whether it be a conversation about your skincare concerns to a treatment that just makes you feel good, just because.  Self care is a huge part of mental health, I believe.  “Put yourself first and everyone will be happy” this wise quote came from my daily horoscope reading from the Province newspaper about 24 years ago.  I remind myself of it when I’m feeling overwhelmed.  But it rings true to a lot of things.  If we don’t put ourselves first, things around us begin to come undone.  I genuinely believe that every little bit of self care can make all the difference in someone’s outlook.  Think about all of those beauty make over shows on TLC we used to watch and how it would bring tears to the person in the final reveal because they saw what they had always dreamed to look like.  I love it when my patients come to me and tell me how happy they are with their treatment or how my skincare recommendations have gotten them great results.  It brings me a lot of pride and joy knowing that I was the one who helped them get there.  I don’t feel its superficial at all because these changes that we experience and that I get to be a part of are subtle and have always been there, I’ve just exfoliated some dead skin cells and helped you reveal them.  So I invite you to take a look around, have a read or two for yourself and I hope you find something you like.  If live in the Greater Vancouver area come on by, I’d love to treat ya!