Retinol SRX

Retinol SRX


An effective and Cosmetically elegant Retinol.

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Retinol SRX is the second level in the Retinol range by Rejudicare Synergy. Its lightweight formula is fast absorbing with hydrating properties. Stimulating the formation of collagen and hyaluranic acid, this retinol reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Revealing a brighter complexion with improved tone and texture.

Use this product in the pm only and must protect with SPF during the day. Skin tip: Remember with Retinol, the rule of thumb is to go "low and slow". Always introduce Retinol in your evening regimen and begin with 1 application 1x a week, to 2x a week and eventually, if tolerable, to nightly use. If any irritation occurs please discontinue use and consult with your Skincare Specialist.

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